Retailers seeking second-use, environmentally friendly materials for healthy, green and design-forward environments

Starbucks, Nandos, Bass Pro Shops & Whole Foods Markets Select Centennial Woods Reclaimed Wyoming Snowfence For Stores Throughout North America and Asia Pacific


LARAMIE, WYO. —Centennial Woods, the Laramie-based company that maintains and reclaims snowfence from the prairies and mountainsides of Wyoming for interior and exterior residential and commercial use around the world, announced today that Starbucks, Nandos, Whole Foods Markets and Bass Pro Shops are using its 100% recycled, reclaimed snowfence throughout North America and Asia Pacific.

Whole Foods Markets installs Centennial Woods reclaimed Wyoming snowfence for signage and casing.  Starbucks, Nandos and Bass Pro Shops are using Centennial Woods reclaimed Wyoming snowfence for wainscoting, store fixtures, exterior wall coverings, and wall and ceiling accents in high-traffic stores of varying climates throughout North America, including Massachusetts, Missouri and Calgary.  All four concepts plan to use the material in additional locations.

“It’s gratifying to win business from world-class brands and leading retailers like these,” said Ed Spal, CEO of Centennial Woods.  “Whole Foods is clearly committed to green building, sustainability, healthy store environments and healthy communities.  Bass Pro Shops is one of the most successful lifestyle retailers in North America and is known for creating truly custom shopping environments with fantastic outdoor themes.  Nandos has led our entry into Asia Pacific with their exciting new green stores. And Starbucks is pioneering chain industry growth with their modular store designs featuring our wood on the exteriors.  All companies operate as leaders in their respective categories and have achieved a level of customer engagement that far exceeds its competitors.”

“Centennial Woods reclaimed Wyoming snowfence has a very pleasing weathered texture, a beautiful patina and is consistent in size and strength,” said Mike Huffington, Wood Shop Supervisor for Bass Pro Shops. “Perhaps one of the most stunning qualities about Centennial Woods is its integrity, customer service and willingness to take on even the most ambitious, large-scale jobs with tight deadlines.  Not only do they do what they promise, they typically over-deliver.”

Huffington also said that because Centennial Woods reclaimed snowfence is perfectly dried by the Wyoming wind, the boards are strong and true and require little to no maintenance, making Centennial Woods reclaimed snowfence one of the best reclaimed products he’s worked with.

“Designers, architects and builders tell us they absolutely love the texture, patina, character and strength of our reclaimed Wyoming snowfence,” said Spal.  “We plan to continue to cultivate partnerships with professionals who seek naturally beautiful, healthy materials with a truly green pedigree.”

About Centennial Woods

Before Centennial Woods began harvesting Wyoming snowfence, older boards were often left on the frame too long and burned or thrown in a landfill when replaced.  Centennial Woods discovered its strength and beauty and vowed to rescue and reuse it.

Since 1999, Centennial Woods and has been maintaining and harvesting snowfence from the mountainsides and open prairies of Wyoming for second use inside and outside residential and commercial properties. To support its reclamation mission, Centennial Woods has developed an international market for this green Wyoming export.  To date, Centennial Woods has reclaimed 5 million linear feet of Wyoming snowfence, the equivalent of 85 miles; keeping more than 9,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere and saving the state of Wyoming more than $9 million.

Centennial Woods’ reclaimed Wyoming snowfence is naturally dried for decades by the Wyoming wind, which produces an intensely beautiful, perfectly dried, strong and true reclaimed board. Centennial Woods is a member of the US Green Building Council ( and is proud to be one of Wyoming’s great green products. Learn more on the web at