• blue sky /blü skī/

    - (adj.) idealistic, creative, impossible
    - (v.) to pursue as-yet unfeasible ideas
    - (n.) a view uncluttered by clouds

[Bridging Idealism & Reality]

Through Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Blue Sky Group builds great companies that pursue important missions.
We believe that entrepreneurship done right can change the world, quickly and permanently.


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Blue Sky Group: bridging innovation & entrpreneurship

idealistic creative impossible

Applying grit and intelligence icon

applying grit and intelligence everyday

An unreasonable dedication is required
when building great companies.
We can be highly unreasonable.

socially aware icon

thoughtful, socially-aware entrepreneurship

We are mission driven entrepreneurs.
Capitalism is an engine for sustainability,
not our end goal.

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solving problems without compromising

Addressing important problems involves a lot of perspiration. If they were easy to solve, it would have already happened.

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